Why is Made in Italy so special?

When you think of Italy, you think about the beautiful Mediterranean and the finest espresso. Your mind lingers on the cool sea breeze, summer nights, and gorgeous structures. This is the Dolce Vita as we say it in Italy. Made in Italy is not just about a quality piece of garment but it is about the way of living.

To truly understand the concept of Made in Italy, we must understand how it evolved.

In Italy, we believe in a lot of customs and one of the most unique ones is aperitivo. The custom of aperitif is that they are never planned but are merely improvised into our schedules.

Over time, the idea of aperitivo became a habit and we started to cultivate the effortlessly chic style. It’s this emphasis on quality and understated elegance that defines our wardrobe.

Aperitivo’s became a way to see others and be seen as groomed, well-dressed, and effortlessly put together. To make a good impression, one must own quality clothing. The emphasis is not on the label or the logo, but it is on how the garment is made and with what the garment is made. This is why tailored garments and fabrics like silk and wool became a staple in many Italian’s wardrobes. We buy quality pieces that will test the concept of time and keep us comfortable. Just like the habit of aperitivo, these traditions are inherited in our blood.

What is Made in Italy?

Made in Italy is not just a way to sell more garments. Made in Italy is the stories of families that have been passed on for centuries to come. If you have ever travelled around Italy, you will surely come across a lot of family-owned businesses with years of experience. The fashion industry in Italy is curated with the concept of passing down the art of creating something for many generations and that is what makes ‘Made in Italy’ so special.

Travelling through Italy makes us understand how different regions have different specialities. Like in Como, Silk is very popular. Although the art of silk making is from the East but was quickly adopted by Italian Families to create gorgeous florals and prints on silk to make it malleable to the Italian style.

These families are always sought out by fashion luxury brands because of the exquisite skills they possess. Brands from all around the world visit Italy just for the rare and refined products that aren’t attainable in any part of the world.  Italy is known for its attention to detail, the ideologies of design, and the process of creating something from nothing.

The same way we blindly follow the traditions and customs of Italy, is the same way skills are passed down to generation after generation. This makes it very difficult to copy Italy’s know-how to create garments and fabrics. We experience life’s eternal beauty and the limitless possibilities of each moment. Italian fashion is a testament to the importance of family, lasting quality, and heritage

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