Why every woman should own these essential pieces in their closet

Have you been in this situation where you stand in front of your closet and think “I don’t have anything to wear”? This is happening to you because you don’t own essential pieces in your closet. Pieces that are timeless and season-less do not follow any trends, but they are simple garments that will give you ample amounts of outfits.

Think about it, there might be something in your closet that you keep wearing again and again. Maybe it’s a black sweater, a white button-down shirt, or a simple neutral dress. You keep wearing them repeatedly because every time you wear them, you can wear them differently and not look like you are repeating your outfits.

We curated a list of essential garments that every woman should own to never feel like you don’t have something to wear.

A crisp white shirt

White is basically one of the easiest colours to style. It basically goes with everything. So is a simple button-down shirt. These two elements are put together to create the most essential piece you should own. It doesn’t matter if it is oversized or fitted or long or short, all that matters is that you can wear it with every skirt, pants, and jacket you own. For winters, you can always layer the shirt with a turtleneck to stay warm.

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Easy to transition silk trousers

A way to stay comfortable and elegant is to own silk trousers. Wide-legged silk trousers are the pure definition of versatility. This piece is easy to transform from work to cocktail. When going to the office just style with the essential white shirt or with a formal blouse and transition to happy hour with the girls by swapping the blouse to a shimmery top and a lot of accessories.

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Timeless slip dress

Sometimes wearing two piece garments can be painful because it takes a lot of time to choose the right combination. This is why we love silk slip dresses because it is easy to style on those lazy days yet they can be worn to chic events that might be in your schedule. We love wearing our slip dresses on days that we need to run errands. We love to pair them with our favorite sweater, comfortable shoes, and a tote bag.

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Neutral sweater

A sweater is a perfect way to layer up any of the pieces you might own. It is also great to layer over a dress to make it more suitable for colder weather. Choosing a neutral color for the sweater will help you easily transition between seasons and not make you feel odd.

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Fun silk wrap skirt

Skirts have the ability to make any outfit soft and feminine. We love a silk wrap skirt as it is the right amount of chic and feminine. You can style the skirt for brunch with the white button-down shirt or for girl’s night, wear a sequined top and glittery heels.

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