Valentine gift guide for her

Valentine’s day is one of the days that is filled with love and passion. The day that we appreciate our loved ones and we spend the day revisiting the good memories we have with that person. Be it as simple as red roses, chocolates or an intimate candlelight dinner is one of the ways we can tell them how much they mean to us. But gifting the woman in your life can be a bit tedious as you will have to anticipate her needs. This is why we created a wearable gift guide that will make her appreciate you every time she wears it.

1. Simple yet elegant silk slip dress


Be it white or black, the best thing about a slip dress is its versatility. Other than its versatility a slip dress will always look flattering on anyone who wears it. It can be styled in unimaginable ways and give that effortlessly chic look that your loved one craves. If the woman in your life is building a capsule wardrobe, then a handcrafted silk slip dress is the perfect gift for her

2. Glamorous silk white dress

If you are planning to take your loved one to an intimate dinner, then you must gift her this dress to accompany the dinner. If you know that she enjoys looking glamorous, a silk dress is a must-have in her closet. As a bonus, along with the dress, you can gift her a pair of embellished heels and red roses because you know that she deserves it.

3. Flirty silk dress

If your girl loves cocktails and parties, this amorous dress is a great choice. The details on this dress are like no other dress you would have seen. With an open back and gentle ties in the back and front this dress makes it look chic as always. Make sure she pairs the dress with a cosmopolitan because in our opinion it is the perfect combination.

4. Goddess with a Pearl gold necklace from Afrodite by MG

Symbolize your love for her by gifting her this delicate necklace inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The necklace is made from subtle white freshwater pearls and a bust of the goddess herself. Gift this necklace to the goddess in your life.

5. Ursula pumps from FRSN

If your loved one loves sparkles then this is the perfect gift for her. These satin pumps are embellished with Swaroski and metal accessories to give that perfect elegant look. The red details in the shoe are surely an exquisite touch to the ever-so-classy heels. The perfect gift to pair with one of our silk dresses for a night out.

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