Tips for Curating a Classic Wardrobe

Our founder, Ida Gasparova is known for her timeless and classic wardrobe pieces. So, we asked Ida to share some of her tips to build a classic wardrobe. Firstly, Ida says that “building a classic wardrobe does not mean that you need to have designer garments in them. Having a classic wardrobe is about owning timeless and season-less pieces that will always look good no matter the time, the trend, or even the events that you might be going for”.

Read until the end to find out classic pieces you can own in your wardrobe.

  1. Determining your style

Before building any kind of wardrobe it is important to understand your style. Understanding your style comes from taking inspiration from other experts. Following influencers, browsing through Pinterest, or even going through fashion magazines can help understand what you like or what you aspire to be.

Ida suggests asking yourself these questions, ‘how do I want myself to be seen as?’, ‘Do I need to build a wardrobe that represents my profession, or do I want to look unique ?’. These questions will get you inspired to know where you want to go with your wardrobe. To build a classic wardrobe, every piece of clothing you own should represent you and your style.

  1. Your color palette

A great way to build a personal style is to determine a unique color palette. Colors are the best way to represent who you are as a person. It is also a great guide for you to buy clothes in the future. Choosing a color palette will help you determine how you can mix and match this is how you can push your closet to the fullest.

Ida suggests sticking with neutrals or monochrome shades when you are starting. Neutrals and monochromes are easy to style and will surely make you look elegant and classic no matter what you are wearing.

  1. Invest in simple, timeless pieces

Ida says that investing in timeless pieces will surely change your perspective of dressing up in the morning. Timeless pieces are easy to style together with anything that you may already own in your closet. She says to never follow fashion trends. Trends will change and you will surely be left with pieces that aren’t appropriate anymore.

Also investing in timeless pieces will let you purchase clothes that are made with care and will surely last longer. A well-tailored piece will make you look polished and it is good for the environment as well.

  1. Think before you purchase

When Ida goes shopping she always buys garments that she can style in 3 to 4 ways. If she cannot think of more than 3 ways to style the garment she will not purchase it.

This tip helps because if you cannot style a piece of clothing in more than three ways then you are ultimately wasting your money and you will never wear that garment more than once. Even if you are unsure about ways to style the piece, it is not worth purchasing it anyways.

  1. The importance of quality over quantity

Quality clothing will make you look polished and elegant. Ida suggests looking at how the garment is made and also noticing the kind of fabric the garment is made of. She also likes to look at the inside of the garment and mainly the way the designer has finished garments.

These are some of the ways to build a classic wardrobe according to Ida. As promised, here are some timeless pieces you can own in your wardrobe to look classy.

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