How to style silk trousers

A versatile silk trouser is probably one of the things you need to own in your closet. It is easy to transition from a day-to-night look. The level of comfort from silk trousers on a summer day is surely unbeatable.

The power of silk trousers is in their movement. They give you a laid-back look and also a lot of extra room. We are surely wearing more of our silk trousers in the spring and summer. These are different ways we will be styling our silk trousers for different occasions.

01. For an office look

Wearing our silk trousers to the office is like wearing pajamas. They are comfortable and cozy but they will make you look elegant. Styling them is key. We love to club them along with a formal blouse, heeled mules, and a tote bag to carry all your things.

02. For a casual look

Don’t be afraid to wear silk on casual days. Once you wear them out on a casual day, we assure you will not go back to your blue jeans. For a day of running errands or a day working in a cafe, style the trousers with a simple white shirt, sneakers or comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and a cute bag. You can always add some accessories to change up this simple look.

03. For a glamourous look

Date night? Dinner plans in a luxurious hotel? Easily style our silk trousers in a monochrome look to give that elegant look. Style our trousers with a chic spaghetti top, loads of gold/silver jewels, and a chic clutch. Be bold and mix metals to be a rebel!

04. For a cozy look

This look is perfect if you are someone who works from home or if you are having a cozy dinner at home. Style our silk trousers with a neutral sweater, gold hoops and comfortable yet elegant shoes. Click here to shop for our silk trousers

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