How to build a classy closet with investment pieces

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know what to wear or anything you own is not appropriate anymore? Then this is a reminder that you need versatile and classy pieces in your wardrobe that are easy to style and never go out of style. As experts in creating classy capsule collections that never go out of style, these are some of our tips on how to build a classy wardrobe.

Buy classics not trends

When you imagine the perfect fashion role model for yourself, you usually think of someone who is sophisticated and elegant at all times. Do you know what elegant or sophisticated people wear? They wear quality pieces. Most garments are either tailored or made with a luxurious fabric or are simple designs. Basically, they are iconic pieces of clothing.

In order to become your role model, you need to stop impulse buying. Before you go out and buy something. Do some research and try to find a classier or iconic version of what you want. Make sure they are versatile and they would go with everything in your closet. That’s why classy or iconic pieces are essential because they have the ability to go well with each other. Impulse buying will only want to make you waste money on clothes that will go out of style so take your time to find the right piece.

Slow down

According to personal stylist and the former editor of Vogue Melbourne, Anthea O’Connor, the first step to building an investment wardrobe is to simply slow down.

Before you start buying something always take a look into your closet and figure out the pieces that you wear you always wear again and again. When they are worn out or unusable just replace those pieces with similar ones.

Slowing down will also allow you to buy clothes of better quality and give you the opportunity to feel luxurious. When you feel like splurging and buying something just remember about that classy piece that you are saving up for and how it would create the perfect wardrobe you have been dreaming about.

Key pieces

In order to build a classy closet, you need to understand the importance of key pieces. Like a black blazer or nice trousers, they are just versatile. Key pieces basically allow you to style the pieces differently multiple times. Like our silk top and silk skirt which goes hand in hand with each other but they will also look great with other bottoms or tops you might own in your closet. While selecting key pieces always make sure they are in neutral shades so its easy for you to style. If you are doubtful just go for black or white.

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