Classic silk pieces you should own to build a classic wardrobe

Our favourite go-to piece of fabric will always be silk. We believe that incorporating silk in your wardrobe can surely make you look elegant and chic without less effort. While building a classy sustainable wardrobe, it is crucial to think about the convenience and versatility of the garment so you can wear it for any occasion that may occur in your life. Always go for silk if you want to be conscious and look classy.

Silk Blouse and Shirt

We all know that a shirt or a blouse is the most comfortable garment we own in our wardrobe. The versatility of a blouse or shirt is just endless, you can dress it up or down and still, look
exquisite. For example, you can pair a silk shirt with trousers and a sling bag for a casual day out. To dress it up, you can style the shirt with a skirt, pumps, gold jewellery, and clutch for a party. So a silk shirt, blouse, or cami top is a great piece to invest for a classy wardrobe.

Silk Skirt

Who doesn’t love skirts? Skirts can instantly make you look elegant and they are simple to style for any occasion. A silk skirt is much appreciated by anyone who loves to dress chic. Whether teamed with boots and knits in the winter or paired with a matching slinky camisole and sandals during the summer months, a silk skirt is always a stylish choice.

Silk Slip Dress

Nothing can be more perfect than a supple silk slip dress. A slip dress hangs straight and down making you feel free. They are classic and a great piece to own in your wardrobe. It is always better to opt for classy colours like black or champagne, so you have various ways to style them. Our favourite way to style a slip dress is to pair it with a blazer, pointy heels, and a tote bag to run errands or a casual day at the office. You can also style the same slip dress with sparkly pumps, gold jewellery, and a clutch for a night out with the girls.

Silk Pants

Silk Pants may sound a bit extravagant, but when you wear them you will surely feel good. It almost feels like you are wearing your loungewear clothes outside. They are a comfortable way to look chic in the office or while running errands. Silk pants go really well with a button-down shirt or a cami top to look effortlessly chic.

Why do we love silk?

When the word ‘silk’ is mentioned, it immediately conjures images of waves of light and luxurious fabrics in bright jewel tones. The beautiful drape and the glistening sheen of the finest of silk give the material an aura as mystical as its original. Legend has it that a Chinese princess accidentally dropped a silkworm into her tea and it unravelled to reveal the fine year of silk.
Soon after the art of silk making made its way to Europe and is still enjoyed all over the world. With such versatility, splendour, and beauty, the once mysterious magic of silk will enchant for
centuries to come. 

In Incantevole, we want to cherish the magic of silk by designing chic garments created with excellent Italian tailoring.

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