5 summer fashion tips to stay timeless this summer

Summer is one of the seasons where we tend to go out a lot and travel a lot more. The beautiful colors, breezy fabrics, and flattering designs make summer fashion one of the most desirable fashion seasons of the year. The abundance of summer trends and styles makes us get into this vicious circle of impulse buying. To stay timeless through every season, especially in the summer. Following a guideline to keep your closet looking timeless and classy is essential.

1. Choose light to dark

Light colors are known to keep you cooler during the hot days, but they also give you the perfect summer vibe. Think light blues, pastels, creams, and beige.

2. Flowy clothes over fitted clothes

Summer calls for light fabrics and breezy silhouettes. These clothes will also help with air circulation throughout keeping your body cool. Flowy clothes will also give the illusion of a chic summer vibe. Look for loose dresses preferably in linen and don’t
forget the light-colored cloth tip. This tip is not just for dresses, they are also for skirts, trousers, and shorts.

3. Opt for light-colored handbags

you are looking for a way to buy or invest in a summer handbag, it is a great idea to look for handbags in brown, beige, or white. Summer is all about embracing those light earth tones and light colors. Look for slouchy designs over structured silhouettes, they need to go well with your loose-fitted clothes. Additionally, if you feel like experimenting look for woven bags because they will serve as a great alternative to the beach as well!

4. Go for natural makeup

Natural makeup will not only make you look timeless but it will also let your skin breathe. A summertime natural makeup will include a tinted moisturizer, a liquid highlighter, and a neutral pink lip gloss. Add some mascara to add a little drama.
This example of a minimal look will make you look very natural, and timeless and will surely give you that summer glow.

5. Invest in hats

Hats are by far the most timeless accessory you can own in your closet. They can also be worn all year round. A hat is a chic accessory that will help you avoid those harsh UV rays.
A wide brim fedora or a ranch hat will make you look chic all summer long

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