3 Silk blouses you must have in your closet

Silk blouses are a wardrobe-essentials. Ask any fashion expert and they will tell you how everyone should own at least one silk blouse in their closet. Preferably a silk blouse with a classy design and some neutral shade so they can go along with any bottoms or jackets you own in your closet. Silk blouses have the ability to improve any simple pairing and they are versatile enough to be worn to work, to a party, or to any casual or formal event in your life.

These are some of the other reasons why you need a silk blouse in your closet.

  1. A great investment

Although silk blouses can be a little pricey, they are surely an investment that you need to make. Why? They are suitable for almost all seasons and they can be dressed up or down and give you that sophisticated timeless look. If you don’t believe us then go through some old and new magazines we guarantee you that you will surely find silk blouses that have been adapted to each era but they are always there.

  1. Versatility

Nothing beats a simple white silk blouse! You can wear the piece for years with different combinations and create new outfits almost every day. Style it with any kind of bottoms that you own in your closet and they will surely mix well with them.

  1. Luxury in comfort

The lightness and softness of the silk fabric will give you comfort. The luster and feel of silk will give you the feeling of luxury. Silk is a beautiful fabric because it is lightweight so they drape beautifully over your curves and give you that effortlessly elegant look. Furthermore, the structure of the silk fabric refracts light at different angles and makes it shimmer, creating a flattering glow for anyone wearing it.

Now, lets dive into some of our favorite silk blouses,

Simple silk blouse

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A tailored simple yet elegant silk blouse is the perfect classy piece to own in your wardrobe. Pair it with simple wide-legged pants with the shirt tucked in for the office and change into a chic pencil skirt for an elegant dinner. Ties and little details can really refine the way you look so look for simple blouses with classy designs in a preferably neutral shade. We are always reaching for champagne-colored silk because they look good on anyone.

A cropped silk blouse

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Unlike long silk blouses, cropped silk blouses fall beautifully on your natural waist breaking your body and giving you the illusion of longer legs. They also make you look taller. Our silk blouses come in dreamy wide sleeves with an exposed back—simple tie details on the back and on the waist. Perfect to style it with a flirty skirt for date night or with some simple trousers for going out.

A camisole silk blouse

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The 90’s really influenced us to invest in camisole tops but they seem to never go out of style. A camisole top with a beautiful cowl neckline in a simple shade is certainly something you need. A great blouse to have in hand for lazy days. To dress up the blouse just add some gold or silver jewelry.

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